Cielo ECW 300 & ECW 360

By opening the space above the hood and elongating the exhaust, the Cielo creates an airy, lofty ambience. Pushing your ceiling skyward with sharp edges, giving your kitchen professional standard ventilation without compromising on style.

It is equipped with a telescopic chimney that can be adjusted to reach the ceiling. And an optional trim ring to round off the stainless steel chimney to give it a finished look. It is also equipped with the Fujioh proprietary RBP™ technology that maximizes smoke capture and suction up to 96% capture rate. It dramatically outperforms conventional single and dual fan push-pull designs.

It is the only Asian range hood that has the HVI® safety and performance standard certification. It far surpasses conventional kitchen hoods in both workmanship and quality.

The Cielo ECW is available in 30" and 36". Please contact us for more details.


Technical Features

  • Shipping Weight: 30" is 66 lbs, 36" is 108 lbs
  • Sizes: 30", 36"
  • Airflow: 30" 430CFM, 36" 620CFM
  • Sones Level: 30" Max 5.5, 36" Max 6.0
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • HVI® Certified

Design Features

  • Rectifier Baffle Panel™ (RBP) Technology
  • Revolutionary Proprietary Sirocco Fan
  • Dishwasher-safe Dual Aluminum Slotted Filters
  • Dual Halogen Lighting
  • Heavy-duty 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front Mounted Controls with LED Indicator
  • Three-speed Blower Control
  • Custom Powdercoat Finishes Available


ECW 300 & ECW 360

Options & Accessories

Package Contents

  • ECW 300 Includes 6" Circular Duct Adaptor
  • ECW 360 Includes 7" Circular Duct Adaptor
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • User Manual & Warranty Information

Optional Accessories

  • Optional Trim Ring
  • Extra Aluminum Slotted Filters
  • Inline Booster Fan
Specs & Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

What venting options are compatible with the Cielo ECW series?

The Cielo ECW 300 model have one 6" circular top venting exhaust. And the Cielo ECW 360 model have a 7" circular top venting exhaust.

Are light bulbs included?

Halogen bulbs will need to be purchased separately.

Are there disposable filters?

The Cielo ECW series eliminated the use of disposable filters. Making sure that the oil capture rate is at an optimal level while keeping the filters out of landfills.

What is the warranty for the Cielo ECW series?

All Fujioh Kitchen Ventilation products are covered by our 3 year in-home limited warranty. Which covers both parts and labour so you have nothing to worry about.

What the HVI® certification?

HVI® stands for Home Ventilation Institute. It is a world renown third-party standard regulator that ensures safety and performance assurance. So you know what you are getting is as advertised.

What is RBP™ Technology?

Fujioh's proprietary Rectifier Baffle Panel™ technology transforms natural airflow into a powerful vortex to capture and transfer smoke and other unpleasant odors.

Here is how it works. The Rectifier Baffle Panel™ slows down the rising smoke, and pulls it into the high pressure vacuum vents. Whereas conventional hoods, no matter how powerful the fans are, does not have enough force to gather all the smoke.

In fact, hoods with the rectifier baffle panel is capable of capturing gather 2 1/2 times more smoke, cooking vapors and other odors than conventional hoods. Setting the bar for highest home ventilation smoke capture overall efficiency at 96%.

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