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What is RBP™ Technology?

Fujioh's proprietary Rectifier Baffle Panel™ technology transforms natural airflow into a powerful vortex to capture and transfer smoke and other unpleasant odors.

Here is how it works. The Rectifier Baffle Panel™ slows down the rising smoke, and pulls it into the high pressure vacuum vents. Whereas conventional hoods, no matter how powerful the fans are, does not have enough force to gather all the smoke.

In fact, hoods with the rectifier baffle panel is capable of capturing gather 2 1/2 times more smoke, cooking vapors and other odors than conventional hoods. Setting the bar for highest home ventilation smoke capture overall efficiency at 96%.

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Make It Your Fujioh

Need to accessorize? Fujioh have a full line of accessories to make sure that your kitchen ventilation solution is tailor fit to your lifestyle and cooking.